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OPI Sheer Tints Review

9 Maret 2014


OPI Sheer Tints – Pink Ombre

Recently OPI announced the launch of Sheer Tints Top Coat.

According to a recent press release:

“A touch of color can change everything!”

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This spring OPI takes nail color to the next level with revolutionary Sheer Tints; the brand’s first-ever, pigmented top coats. Sheer Tints by OPI offers a fresh take on traditional top coats with the introduction of 4 new vivid hues in Blue, Pink, Yellow and Purple. An infusion of transparent color with high shine, these top coats can be worn alone, with a base coat for a playful sheer or layered over any shade to create an alternate finish for a progressive nail look. “Nail color is all about self-expression; apply Sheer Tints over your favorite OPI Nail Lacquer to achieve your dream shade, accent glitters and darks or transform crèmes and shimmers,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP. “Make a statement by creating an ombre design (baca:gradasi) that is on-trend then add several coats to create dimension.” Sheer Tints by OPI includes the following hues:

  • I’m Never Amberrassed: Liquid amber morphs into a veneer of yellow tint that is anything but bashful.
  • Be Magentale with Me: Give your nails the sweet treatment with this sheer pink tint. 
  • Don’t Violet Me Down: You can count on this crystal sheer amethyst.
  • I Can Teal You Like Me: It’s obvious you’re head over teal in love with this sheer blue.

My mind is already racing with ideas on how to use these sheer tints, but I didn’t want to get too carried away too quickly so today I had a play with “Be Magentale With Me” to create some ombre nails.

bottle shot

I’ve got to admit – this look was super easy to create. Say goodbye to makeup sponges and acetone clean up if you want a simple ombre look. I first used two coats of Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” as my base. Then I used “Be Magentale With Me” in three separate coats. The first coast covered the whole nail, the second coat covered two thirds of my nail, and the final coat covering the top third of my nail (let each coat dry completely in between).

Remember that this is a top coat, so it does apply thick and create bubbles if you apply too much of it. To ensure your ombre isn’t patchy, try to apply as few strokes as possible and get similar coverage with each stroke.

Rather than apply a fourth layer of top coat to blend the three layers together, I used striping tape to break up the lines, which I think has a fun look to it.

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